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Business Coaching

Assessments and Feedback
Steve uses four key assessments in his work with individuals and organizations.
  • Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0
  • Five Dynamics
  • MBTI
  • 360 Degree Feedback
Customized programs, workshops and off-sites are conducted for groups and individuals.
·  Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder - When people play to their strengths and love what they do, they are more productive, happy and satisfied.  However, many people believe the key to success lies in mastering their weaknesses.  This instrument identifies your five areas of talent or potential strengths.  Talents are naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling or behavior - they are what make us unique.  When people invest in their talents, strengths can be developed.  Individuals and organizations that are strengths-based dramatically increase engagement, productivity and success.

· Five Dynamics Profile - Individuals and organizations are seeking rapid and innovative ways to improve performance in three key human activities: learning, working or doing, and collaborating. This psychometric instrument reveals individual and group preferences for these three activities in less than five minutes through use of an energy and focus, strengths-based foundation.  Energy refers to the ability to sustain high performance over time without stress. The success/satisfaction cycle model provides an easy way to understand and apply natural process-energy preferences to whatever needs to get done.  Applying people’s energies to goals is a critical determinant of external success and internal satisfaction.

· Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) - The first positive psychology assessment, MBTI isbased on Jung’s theory of psychological type, which provides a positive way to look at people’s preferred behaviors and to identify common patterns.  Knowing your type can help you understand and develop both your most and least preferred functions, as well as help you understand and work with other people.  Although any type can perform any role and you can adopt a different style when needed, you will perform best when you are using your own preferences.  Type is also used to analyze the requirements of careers, jobs, tasks, situations or courses of study; for team building, networking and group dynamics; and for relationship improvement.  The intention is to enable the individual to be more aware of his/her behaviors to function more consciously and productively. 

· 360 Degree Assessments - In most organizations, the higher an individual moves up, the less candid feedback he or she is likely to receive.  People have fears and blind spots and can’t always recognize dynamics happening in their organizations.  The coach provides honest, objective feedback for the leader throughout the coaching relationship and encourages the leader to seek the same feedback within the organization.  360 Feedback tools provide on-line computerized assessments from peers, direct reports, and supervisors (and sometimes clients or customers) on effective and problematic behaviors. Combined with one-on-one interviews, 360 assessments provide powerful insights. Carefully designed processes that include 360 degree feedback can allow a leader to practice consultative coaching with employees.

What’s a Business Coach & Why Would I Want One?
Coaching in business?! We’ve all heard of a coach, in terms of a football team, an Olympic athlete, or a golfer; but for a business owner? That’s a new one! “Besides, I’m doing well in my business. What can a business coach do for me?”
Think about the top athletes in the world. What separates the elite individuals and teams from the good? Certainly the element of God-given talent is a factor. However, think about those many athletes who have amazing gifts, but lack the desire, the smarts, the knowledge, the belief, or the discipline to excel. In addition to possessing all six of these characteristics, the athlete or team must have an exceptional plan coupled with exceptional execution to have any hope for a championship.
When athletes are interviewed after a noteworthy victory or championship, to who do they many times give credit? Usually they give credit to: one or both of their parents, God, their teammates, and/or their coach. Michael Jordan never won an NBA championship until Phil Jackson became head coach of the Chicago Bulls. Tiger Woods credits his father (his first coach) and two other coaches for being the top golfer in the world.
A Business Coach serves business owners similarly to how an Athletic Coach serves athletes
First, understand the “WHY”! Just as a sports coach, the business coach helps the business owner create, reinvigorate, or crystallize a vision of what is going to be and WHY that destination is so important. Then it’s time to assess the current competencies, skills, and assets available to deploy, as well as the obstacles and challenges that must be overcome. A detailed plan is the outcome. Our focus is on the five fundamental building blocks of a successful business:
  1. Sales
  2. Marketing and advertising
  3. Team building and recruitment
  4. Systems and business development
  5. Customer service
Now the fun starts. The execution of that plan is an iterative process involving conditioning (acquiring the knowledge and skills needed), disciplined focus, passion, drive, assignments, accountability, mid-course corrections, teamwork, motivation, re-planning, victory celebrations, belief, and persistence. All are guided by the coach, who has become a confidant for the business owner, working on attitude and leadership development, as well as negative self-talk.
Business coaching has become acceptable across the United States as multitudes of business owners and executives are embracing the value provided by a business coach. “As a $100 million business, second only to the IT industry in its North American growth rate, coaching is the latest, must-have lifestyle and business accessory — the solution to both workplace under-achievement and premature stress burnout.”- Vive, summer 2000 “The Executive and Business coaching industry is growing by about 40% a year.” – The Economist, November, 2003
I’m already successful
A common question that I am asked is: “What could you teach me about my business? I’ve been in business for years and I’ve done well.” My reply: “Absolutely nothing.” If you have built your business successfully then you are unquestionably the expert in your field. There is nothing I can teach you – about your business. What I can do is give you a completely objective view of your business from an outside perspective. I will work with you to enable you to tap into the knowledge and experience gained from working in the corporate world and businesses. I will introduce you to a way of thinking about your business that will change the way you approach things, enabling you to increase your horizons and take your business to the next level.”
Let’s look at the sports analogy again. There is no denying that Tiger Woods is an immensely talented golfer. Would his raw talent alone have made him successful? Almost certainly: yet it was Butch Harmon, his coach, who was able to recognize the full extent of that potential. He had the knowledge of how to tap into it and had the skills to enable Tiger to realize his potential to the fullest. You see, Tiger can’t see his own swing!
It’s exactly the same in business. Many business owners have made it on their own talent and are running profitable businesses as a result. But the germane question is: “What is your TRUE potential and that of your business?” That’s why business coaching is so important. It’s the key that can unlock the potential in both you and your business.  You cannot see your own swing! Nor can I can see my own swing. That is why a business coach is valuable. 
A business coach won’t tell you what to do. This coach won’t do the work for you. I will study your" swing". By asking you questions and drawing on your unique knowledge and skills, and mentoring you where there are gaps, you will be coached to achieve that true potential within. You will be given the knowledge, the tools, the vision, and the motivation to take both you and your business to the next level, and to ultimately enjoy the financial and lifestyle benefits that come with it.
Jim Rohn’s quote, “Don’t wish life was easier. Get better!” says it all. Business is simple, people are complicated. Changing your business can be the easy part. Changing yourself and your team can be the greatest hurdle. Having a business coach helps you maintain your motivation, refine your skills, gain constructive feedback, and attain constant improvement in your business – just like an athletic coach. What is YOUR true potential?

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