Finishing Strong

Finishing Strong

On a recent trip to visit retired members of my family we were sitting around the table and reminiscing of the past. As I sat surrounded with family I was reminded of the concept of finishing life strong. Here was a group of people who worked hard, showed up, never spent more than they earned, consistently set out to be an example to their family and is currently finishing strong.

Our society has forgotten that we live in a cause and effect world. As much as human nature wants to believe that there is a magic pill or shortcut, its existence has yet to be proved. What we get out of life is directly proportional to what we put in.

If you are interested in finishing strong here are a few of steps that can improve your chances of a strong finish.

1. Remember the golden rule. Treat people the way you want to be treated.
2. Compile and complete personal goals.
3. Love your loved ones unconditionally.
4. Look for the positive in life. Negative is easily found.
5. Failure is another chance to get it right. The only time you lose from failure is when you don’t try again.
6. Never lose sight of the finish line. It will come faster than you think.

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