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Counseling & Coaching are empowering processes.  We are here to help assist you and your family when times get tough or to help you in achieving your dreams, refocusing your life, examining some problematic behavior or perhaps to define your life and career goals.The name Alliance was chosen because an alliance is an agreement between two or more individuals to cooperate for a specifice purpose or purposes.

Our motto is "Embracing Change that Impacts Life & Legacy" which simply put means that when you decide to change some aspect of your life you will also impact your family and your family tree.  That is why change is so powerful and important, you can literally change generations to come.  How great is that?  Do you want to change a part of your life that may have become problematic, give us a call we would love to assist you in life impacting change.  Our phone number is 815-467-8181, come on pick up the phone and
let's get to the great part of your life.

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